To help developers identify and fix issues, browsers come equipped with developer tools.

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Developer Tool Console

Developer Tool Console

Errors are an inevitable part of coding. As a developer, you'll frequently encounter them. However, users typically don’t see these errors in their browsers. To aid in identifying and fixing these issues, browsers include developer tools.

Importance of Developer Tools

  • Error Detection: Reveals errors that are hidden from users.
  • Debugging Assistance: Helps developers identify and resolve issues in the code.
  • Script Insights: Provides valuable information about the scripts running on a webpage.

Preferred Browsers for Development

  • Chrome and Firefox: Most developers prefer these browsers for their advanced developer tools.
  • Other Browsers: Although they offer developer tools, they often lag behind Chrome and Firefox in terms of functionality.

Using Developer Tools

1: Accessing Developer Tools:

Google Chrome:

  • Open a webpage, such as bug.html.
  • Press F12 or Cmd+Opt+J (on Mac) to access the developer tools.

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  • Firefox, Edge, and Others: Usually, F12 opens the developer tools.


  • Enable the “Develop menu” by going to Preferences > Advanced and checking the appropriate box.
  • Press Cmd+Opt+C to open the console.

2: Viewing Errors:

  • Errors appear in red within the Console tab.
  • Errors include clickable links to the source code and line numbers where the error occurred.
  • Example: An unknown command like lalala will show an error message.

3: Executing JavaScript Commands:

  • A blue > symbol marks the command line in the console.
  • Type JavaScript commands and press Enter to run them.
  • For multi-line code input, press Shift+Enter.

Multi-Line Input

  • Pressing Enter after typing code in the console executes the code.
  • To enter multiple lines of code, use Shift+Enter.

Browser-Specific Instructions


1: Google Chrome:

  • Open developer tools with F12 or Cmd+Opt+J (on Mac).
  • Errors and the command line are visible in the Console tab.

2: Firefox, Edge, and Others:

  • Open developer tools with F12.
  • The interface and functionality are similar to Chrome.

3: Safari

  • Enable the Develop menu through Preferences.
  • Use Cmd+Opt+C to access the console.


  • Developer Tools: Essential for viewing errors, running commands, and examining variables.
  • Opening Tools for Window: F12 for most browsers.
  • Opening Tools for Mac: Cmd+Opt+J for Chrome, Cmd+Opt+C for Safari (after enabling the Develop menu).
  • Next Steps: With the environment set up, proceed to explore JavaScript further in the next section.

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