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Our experienced developers create advanced educational software solutions, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and Virtual Classroom Platforms, ensuring data security and adherence to FERPA, GDPR, and COPPA standards.

PlambIndia Software Solution

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Market research

Market research

Uncovering Insights, Analyzing Trends, and Driving Business Strategy for Informed Decision-Making and Competitive Advantage

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting: Aligning Business Goals with Market Needs, Driving Innovation, and Ensuring Sustainable Growth for Long-Term Success

Cognitive Solution

Cognitive Solution

Cognitive Solution: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for Intelligent Automation, Enhanced Decision-Making, and Optimized Business Processes

What We Do in Educational Software Development

Our educational app development services seamlessly integrate your product into the education system. With extensive experience collaborating with teachers, students, schools, online learning platforms, and administration systems, we create custom solutions that are accurate and reliable.


1. LMS

Our LMS development services offer custom, scalable solutions that enhance learning experiences, streamline administration, and ensure data security for educational institutions.

Mobile Learning

2. Mobile Learning

Our mobile learning app development services create interactive, user-friendly solutions that facilitate learning on-the-go, enhancing accessibility and engagement for students and educators.


3. Gamification

Our gamification development services create engaging educational experiences, boosting student motivation and retention through interactive, game-based learning strategies and innovative technologies.

Educational Platforms

4. Educational Platforms

Our educational platform development services provide robust, scalable solutions that enhance learning experiences, streamline administration, and ensure secure, efficient management for educational institutions.

school management software

5. school management software

Our school management software development services offer comprehensive, custom solutions to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve overall school management efficiency.

Corporate Learning and knowledge management

6. Corporate Learning and knowledge management

Our corporate learning and knowledge management development services deliver tailored solutions to enhance employee training, streamline information sharing, and foster continuous professional development.

Analytics Driving Educational Transformation

PlambIndia Software Solution's analytics transform education by providing insights to enhance student performance, optimize curriculum, and improve educational outcomes.

Data Integration and Consolidation

Data Integration and Consolidation

PlambIndia Software Solution's educational experts lead in app development, offering advanced software and robust analytics for informed decision-making and comprehensive insights.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Our analytics help educational institutions utilize data for real-time reporting, predictive modeling, and deep analysis to enhance learning and optimize administration.

Educational Decision Support

Educational Decision Support

PlambIndia Software Solution provides educational analytics, integrating academic knowledge and student data, giving educators timely, evidence-based insights to enhance learning outcomes.

Educational Performance Management

Educational Performance Management

PlambIndia Software Solution integrates academic data, providing educators with insights to enhance student outcomes and overall institutional effectiveness.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

PlambIndia Software Solution's educational apps and analytics offer tools to enhance learning outcomes, streamline administration, and improve institutional performance.

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

PlambIndia Software Solution prioritizes data security in education, designing apps and analytics with features ensuring student information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

On-Demand Solutions: Revolutionizing Future Education

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Features & Roles

Explore Key Functionalities and Responsibilities Enhancing Educational Technology Solutions


1. Student

Engages with content, completes assignments, tracks progress, participates in discussions, and seeks feedback to improve learning outcomes.


2. Teacher

Creates educational content, facilitates learning, provides feedback, assesses student performance, and adapts teaching strategies to meet diverse needs.


3. Administrator

Manages platform usage, oversees user accounts, ensures compliance with educational standards, and handles administrative tasks efficiently.


4. Parents

Monitors child’s academic progress, supports learning journey, communicates with teachers, and provides a conducive learning environment at home.

IT Specialist

5. IT Specialist

Maintains educational platform, troubleshoots technical issues, ensures data security, and implements technology upgrades to enhance system performance.

E-Payment and In-App Billing

6. E-Payment and In-App Billing

We understand the need for efficient payments. Our app integrates secure, convenient payment options to enhance healthcare services and streamline processes.

Curriculum Developer

7. Curriculum Developer

Designs and updates educational content, aligns curriculum with standards, incorporates innovative teaching methods, and reviews learning materials.

Academic Advisor

8. Academic Advisor

Guides students on academic choices, assists with course selection, provides career counseling, and supports students in achieving academic goals.


9. Librarian

Manages digital and physical resources, assists with research, organizes library materials, and supports students and teachers in finding information.


10. Counselor

Provides emotional and academic support, advises on personal and educational issues, conducts counseling sessions, and develops intervention strategies.


11. Registrar

Handles student enrollment, maintains academic records, processes grades, ensures data accuracy, and supports administrative reporting requirements.

Financial Officer

12. Financial Officer

Manages budgeting, oversees funding allocations, ensures financial compliance, handles financial reporting, and supports financial planning and analysis.

Support Staff

13. Support Staff

Provides technical assistance, supports administrative tasks, assists with platform navigation, and helps resolve user issues to ensure smooth operations.

Training Coordinator

14. Training Coordinator

Organizes and conducts training sessions for educators and staff, develops training materials, and evaluates the effectiveness of training programs.

Super Admin

15. Super Admin

Oversees entire platform, manages user permissions, ensures system integrity, addresses high-level issues, and implements overarching policies.

What We Do in Software Development

We are constantly on the lookout for new talents and innovative ideas.

Web Development

Web Development

Expert web development services creating responsive, user-friendly, and secure websites to drive engagement and growth for your business.

Mobile Application(Android/iOS)

Mobile Application(Android/iOS)

Professional mobile app development for Android and iOS, delivering high-performance, user-friendly apps to enhance your business and engage your customers.

eCommerce Solution

eCommerce Solution

Transform your business with our eCommerce solutions, offering seamless shopping experiences, secure transactions, and scalable platforms to boost your online sales and customer satisfaction.

eWallet Solution

eWallet Solution

Revolutionize your transactions with our secure and user-friendly eWallet solutions, enabling seamless digital payments and financial management for your customers.

Prepaid Card Solution

Prepaid Card Solution

Empower your customers with our secure and convenient pre-paid card solutions, offering easy payments, budgeting control, and financial flexibility for all their needs.

AR & VR Solution

AR & VR Solution

Unlock immersive experiences with our cutting-edge AR & VR solutions, enhancing engagement and transforming the way your customers interact with your brand.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Optimize your operations with our comprehensive cloud management services, ensuring secure, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions tailored to your business needs.

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

Enhance productivity and efficiency with our custom desktop application development, delivering robust and user-friendly software tailored to your business needs.

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PlambIndia Software Solution

+91 87663 78125

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All the basics for businesses that are just getting started.

  • Basic Development Services
  • Bug Fixes & Maintenance
  • Basic UI/UX Design
  • Monthly Reports
  • Email Support
  • Code Review
  • Documentation
  • Version Control
  • Security Patches
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • Basic Analytics Integration
  • Custom designs & features
  • Custom hashtags
$1068 $16200 /month /year


All the basics for businesses that are just getting started.

  • Advanced Development Services
  • Bug Fixes & Maintenance
  • Enhanced UI/UX Design
  • Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • API Integration
  • Database Management
  • Testing & QA
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Feature Enhancement
  • User Training
  • Backup & Recovery
$2100 $25200 /month /year


Avvanced features for pros who need more customization.

  • Full Development Services
  • Priority Bug Fixes & Maintenance
  • Premium UI/UX Design
  • daily Reports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Consultation Services
  • Custom Integrations
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Audits
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Beta Testing & Feedback Loop
  • Scalability Solutions
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