To write efficient JavaScript, understanding the basic building blocks of code is crucial. Here are the core concepts:

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JavaScript Structuring Your Code

Code Structure! 👩‍💻

To write efficient JavaScript, understanding the basic building blocks of code is crucial. Here are the core concepts:


Statements are the basic syntax constructs that perform actions in JavaScript.

  • Basic Example: The console.log('Hello, Universe!'); statement outputs a message to the console.
  • Multiple Statements: You can include multiple statements in your code, typically separated by semicolons.
console.log('Hello'); console.log('Universe');
  • Readability: For better readability, place each statement on a separate line.


Semicolons are often used to separate statements, but they can sometimes be omitted where a line break exists.

  • Automatic Insertion: JavaScript often treats a newline as an implicit semicolon.
  • Exceptions: There are cases where JavaScript does not insert a semicolon automatically, leading to errors.
console.log(4 +
+ 1);
// Outputs 7

Common Error Example

Skipping semicolons can result in unexpected errors. For instance:


[3, 4].forEach(console.log);
  • Without Semicolon: This code will produce an error because JavaScript tries to combine the two lines into a single statement.
  • Proper Usage: Always include semicolons to prevent such errors.
[3, 4].forEach(console.log);


Comments are essential for explaining the purpose and functionality of your code.

  • Single-line Comments: Begin with // and extend to the end of the line.
// Single-line comment
console.log('Hello'); // Comment after a statement
  • Multiline Comments: Start with /* and end with */.
/* This is a multiline comment
that spans multiple lines */
  • Disabling Code: Use comments to temporarily disable parts of your code.
  • Hotkeys: In most editors, you can comment a line with Ctrl+/ for single-line comments and Ctrl+Shift+/ for multiline comments. On Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Important Note

JavaScript does not support nested comments./*
  /* This nested comment will cause an error */

Best Practices

  • Use Comments: They make your code more understandable and maintainable.
  • Avoid Nested Comments: They are not supported and will lead to errors.
  • Minification: Modern tools can strip out comments when deploying code to production, so they won’t impact performance.

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